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There is no doubt that issues of information security, cybersecurity and cyber resilience have become the most important pillars of the digital economy, to ensure the protection of data, commercial and personally identifiable information (PII) from any abuse attempt and as well to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability (the CIA Triad) of the information. Without information security, cybersecurity and cyber resilience we will lose the significance and usefulness of the global information society. Therefore, information security, cybersecurity and cyber resilience are extremely important due to the size of the growing threats which keep increasing day after day.

ACIS Professional Center was established to face these challenges and to serve as the trusted consulting and training company for any security incident focusing on cybersecurity, information security and cyber resilience. To serve customers whether from the government sector or private sector or individuals. Also, ACIS aims to develop new cybersecurity innovation products and services designed to benefit governmental and private bodies, as well as write research articles, which will help government and private institutions, as well as individuals. One of the main objective of ACIS ‘s service is to train personnel for work in cybersecurity and information security.

We believe that cybersecurity and information security are everyone’s responsibility and therefore we take this opportunity to connect and communicate with you online through this website. We wish for everyone to work together with us on matters of common interest, so that together we can effectively enhance cybersecurity and information security, in order to support business both commercial and non-profit organizations in this cyber world.

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